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Shel Holtz

Why a press release? Among other reasons...

1. Satisfy regulatory requirements (I've posted detailed information on this: http://blog.holtz.com/index.php/weblog/the_sec_doesnt_think_the_press_release_is_dead/

2. Some announcements are hyper-local. A release to the local media gets the information out to the local populace in a way a multimedia website cannot.

3. To serve as the company's authoritative and official statement of record that can be submitted as evidence in a legal dispute.

Ultimately, the press release is a tool. Like any tool, it should be used only for the jobs for which it is best suited. But those jobs do exist and tossing it altogether removes a tool that can, in some cases, be the best one for that particular job.

Robert French

"Did Apple need a press release to tell us all about the iphone? Would it have been effective? Did they need to blog about it? Would that have been effective? No to both."

Yes, to all *four* questions. Re: Apple and the iPhone, please dig a little deeper.

Apple Reinvents the Phone with iPhone


Released the day of the announcement, this proves Shel's points.

It is a tool that serves a purpose. It has a place and a purpose in their total mix, along with their in-depth multi-media Web site.

Certainly, Apple also relishes the blog buzz, too. Apple recognizes that all of these strategies and tactics serve their integrated marketing communication plans.

Why else would Apple, the company you tout as so wise, have this site?


Today it serves a purpose. It will tomorrow, too.

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