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Hi Ted,
Would it be possible to send a pass- Thanks

Aljosa Jenko

Dear Ted, if still possible I would be grateful for a pass to the conference. Thanks in advance and best wishes! Aljosa

Mark Carranza

Hello Ted,
I'd like to come as a guest of The Personal Bee, thanks!
Please let me know --Mark

Suri Sanchit

Hi Ted, I would be glad to attend as guest of The Personal bee. Thanks! Suri


Hello Ted,

My husband Walt and I are really interested in helping out on Friday.I guess we need two passes, but it's not the point. We're just really interested in helping out and be useful at the conference ! Please let me know a.s.a.p so that we know what to do and when to get there on Friday. Thanks a lot !


Hi Ted,

If you have any passes left, could you send me one?


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